Warren Haynes & Ashes to Ashes band

Warren Haynes & the Ashes and Dust band - Ashes and Dust, only the third studio album Haynes has ever released under his own name, is a masterful work of art and a particularly important statement for Haynes. The songs are immediately and clearly different from his usual style – encompassing beautiful acoustic arrangements, a rootsy/Americana soundscape and honeyed vocals that cut straight through to the soul. Although many of these songs are brand new, some of the tunes that make up this album have been dear to Warren for years. For this special Santa Cruz show, Warren will be backed by the world-class Ashes & Dust Band, consisting of progressive bluegrass trio ChessBoxer and acclaimed drummer Jeff Sipe.

Show time: 8:00 PM        
Tickets:  $29 Gen, $45 Gold Circle
Advance tickets: www.apps.vendini.com Tomboy and Streetlite        
Artists website: www.warrenhaynes.net       

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