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It's A Wild Life - SOLD OUT

Along the Northern California coast, the Pacific Ocean creates a rich environment that silhouettes the sea and landscape. The wild coast of Big Sur forms a beautiful topography from the redwoods to the sea, and the marine fog creates a unique habitat for flora and fauna to flourish. Home to some of the tallest trees in the world, the land transitions to a marine sanctuary where whales, otters and seals thrive. Just onshore, bobcats demonstrate a behavior of flying through the air to catch unsuspecting gulls, a scene that has never been filmed before. Mountain lions, black bears, endangered spotted owls, and rare California condors nesting inside a redwood tree make their homes in the redwood forest.

You haven’t seen Big Sur until you have seen this movie.
— US Congressman, Sam Farr

In creating a personal connection to the land and seascape of Big Sur, IT'S A WILD LIFE follows the main characters that are deeply influenced by this place. The human character's name is Feynner, a long-term resident and caretaker of the land. The wildlife characters include bobcats, hummingbirds and the magnificent condors. In the end, we learn that Big Sur is a land that we tried to tame, control, and make our own, but we did not succeed.

In some places on Earth, the physical and spiritual characteristics of the place are too much for humans to conquer; therefore, we gain respect for the laws of the natural world and the unique and dramatic ecosystem that we call Big Sur, one of Earth's greatest gifts.

Show Time: 7:30pm, Doors : 7pm
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