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A Feast of Friends


Rock Opera

Reverend Lovejoy and Paradise Soul Savin’ Station, in conjunction with the Burlacticus Recording Company and Burl Audio present:

A Feast of Friends, a rock opera in four movements expressing our recursive existence and the evolution of birth, love, loss, healing and redemption. Encompassing the unique combination of musical genres of rock, opera, funk, and bossa nova, A Feast of Friends is a musical odyssey of the heart, mind and soul.

Performing this Feast of Friends rock opera is an amazing collection of Burlacticus Recording Company artists from the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. A colorful array of accomplished vocalists will be gracing the stage of The Rio Theatre including the premier Los Angeles opera singer, Sonia Kazarova, LA Bossa Nova queen Carla Hassett, Santa Cruz’s top soul singer Tammi Brown, the roxy rocker Holland Greco from the band Holland & Clark, Papiba Godinho from Santa Cruz’s renowned band, SambaDá, the masterful songwriter Nathan Dennen, and the one-time Santa Cruz Universal Life Church psychedelic priest of funk rock, Rich “Rev. Lovejoy” Williams.

This Feast of Friends, performed in a Rock & Roll review format, is backed by the top dog rhythm section of Santa Cruz, The Paradise Soul Savers. The brainchild of drummer and human metronome Will Kahn, this rock-solid rhythm section is the epitome of tight, fat groove. What Bosco Mann is to The Dap-Kings, bass player Etienne Franc is to the Soul Savers. Add a swanky super funk genius guitar player in Ron Work, the deep John Coltrane sax grooves of Anne Stafford, and the Ray Manzarek intellect of Russel Kreitman on organ and you have a rhythm section that rivals the great rhythm sections of recording lore. The Wrecking Crew, The Funk Brothers, The Band, The Section; The Paradise Soul Savers are in this league. Let go and have no fear as you surrender to the power of The Paradise Soul Savers.

This Feast of Friends, a once only performance in the heart of spring at The Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA is destined to be a special moment in the wake of time. The performance will be captured via the latest recording technology from Santa Cruz’s Burl Audio and it will released as double vinyl album by the Burlacticus Recording Company. The accompanying full length documentary will follow a classic Monterey Pop style format. This opera; A Feast of Friends is a unique slice of Santa Cruz that is not to be missed.

“A feast of friends — “Alive!” she cried, Waiting for me, Outside!” – Jim Morrison

Show time: 8:00 PM, doors 7:00 PM
Tickets: $15
Advance tickets: and Streetlight Records
Artists website:
Artists website: