How does it work?

The Rio Theatre can accommodate a wide variety of events, including concerts, lectures, video presentations, movies and theatre. We also do weddings.

Our multi-purpose venue has 650 seats and a thrust stage 40 feet wide, with center section at 24 feet.

Pricing for the Rio Theatre is based on the particular event, dependant of technical needs and staffing needs . Rehearsals and classes are charged hourly. Non-profit educational Organizations and public schools receive special consideration.

The Foyer and Cabaret Space:

Tear drop shaped, with an approximate size of 24 feet wide and 60 feet deep..This is the main lobby space.

The Beautiful Main Theatre:

Historic, romantic and very functional..


  • Original refurbished movie theatre seats + wheel chair spaces

  • Capacity of 650

  • Thrust stage is 40 feet wide total, with center section at 24 feet

  • Stage floor is masonite

  • Large movie screen 20 feet high by 30 feet wide

  • Grand drape can close to cover movie screen

  • Complete sound system

  • Lighting system

  • Projection system : Christie WU12K-M WUXGA 3DLP Projector

  • Backstage area behind movie screen, approximately 100 square feet

  • Open space in front of stage for dance, orchestra pit, special effects

The main room can be rented hourly for classes , rehearsals and photo shoots . ( 2 hour minimum ) 

The Crying Room

Used mainly as a green room ( hospitality), this room is on the second floor, with a full view of the main theatre. Couches, table and chairs. Used also as a dressing room, with another smaller private dressing room across the hall..Private rest room can be made available.

Since every event is different , each is negotiated individually. The Rio Theatre can accommodate Live concerts, film screenings and festivals, presentations , live theater and more . 

We will need to review the technical and production details , so that we can best determine your needs . If you are interested in booking the Rio Theatre, please fill out our pre-booking form here

Keep in mind, the Rio Theatre's marquee will be made available to promote your event with a full price rental.. This is a boon for advertising your event, on one of the busiest intersections in Santa Cruz..