An Evening With the Fish

Val Hall and Peter Koht are Cuddlefish. Friends for 18 years, Val and Peter created Cuddlefish to push their boundaries as musicians, and to synthesize decades worth of listening and learning. Build up around a Boss RC300 loop station, a 1990 Mexican Stratocaster, a really nice P Bass and a drum kit, Cuddlefish pulls in whatever musical resources it can find, from obscure Wes Montgomery quotes to beer bottles, dutch ovens and children's noisemakers to create accessible, interesting music. Like the wise cephalopod from which it takes its name, its hard to tell which direction the Cuddlefish is swimming -- or what its current camouflage is -- but Cuddlefish is a friendly freak, honed into its present form by years and years of evolution and adaptation. It likes gamelan, and dub, and samples of barnyard animals. Thom Yorke, John Lurie, Hank Williams and Charles Mingus are its patron saints. Cuddlefish fears sunlight, and loves minor chords. Evidence of their strange dance is here on Youtube.

Show time: 8:00 PM
Tickets: $5
Advance tickets:

June 26
August 2
10,000 Maniacs