Booking the Rio Theatre


Rio LobbyHow does it work?

The Rio Theatre can accommodate a wide variety of events, including concerts, lectures, video presentations, movies and theatre. We also do weddings.

Our multi-purpose venue has 680 seats and a thrust stage 40 feet wide, with center section at 24 feet.

Pricing for the Rio Theatre is based on the particular event, dependant of technical needs and staffing needs . Rehearsals and classes are charged hourly. Non-profit educational Organizations and public schools get special deals ....

The Foyer and Cabaret Space:

Tear drop shaped, with an approximate size of 24 feet wide and 60 feet deep..This is the main lobby space.

The Beautiful Main Theatre:

Historic, romantic and very functional..

Standard rental rate for rehearsals and classes in the main theatre is $40 hourly with a 2 hour minimum.

Standard rental rate, well, is not standard.. Since every event is different, with varying budgets, all rentals are negotiated individually. The mission of the Rio Theatre is to make space available for the arts, at an affordable price. There is a sliding scale from commercial events to Non-profit organization and schools. This does not include sound system and operators, nor lighting operator. We need the technical requirements in order to price these items correctly.. If you are interested in booking the Rio Theatre, please fill out our booking form here.

Keep in mind, the Rio Theatre's newly renovated marquee will be made available to promote your event with a full price rental.. This is a boon for advertising your event, on one of the busiest intersections in Santa Cruz..

Rio TheatreThe Crying Room

Used mainly as a green room ( hospitality), this room is on the second floor, with a full view of the main theatre. Couches, table and chairs. Used also as a dressing room, with another smaller private dressing room across the hall..Private rest room can be made available.

If you are interested in booking the Rio Theatre, please fill out our booking form here.

Book with Best Western Plus and recieve a discount on your room rate by telling them you're with Rio Theatre!

Rio Theatre Audio Spec's


Front of House: 

Midas 56 channel  Verona console
8 channels of DBX  1231 EQ
10 channels of DBX 166 compression / gates
1 x  TC  electronics M1 Reverb unit
1 x  TC electronics D2 Delay unit 
1  x  Yamaha SPX 990 multi effect unit
1 x Drawmer DS404 Quad Gate unit

Main Speakers: 

4 per side PAS model FT-1 ( 15"x 1") 
2 per side YorkVille (RCF drivers) 18" subs 
2 PAS 15" Subwoofers
System is Tri Amped with a DBX Drive rack and with about 10,000 watts of QSC PLX  amps  
1 per side passive PAS model FT- 1  for front fills.


Monitor desk is a Soundcraft SM 20 - 40 inputs ( 6 mono 7 stereo mixes total 20 mix outputs)
Mid Eqs (2)are full parametric /sweepable hi pass filter / sweep able high and low bands or switch able to shelf Eqs.

10 channels DBX 1231 Eqs
4 channels DBX 166 compressor/gates
10 EAW SM159zi (15"x 1") monitors and QSC PLX amps for up to 10 mi

Snake and Splits : 

40 channel split to FOH and to Monitors ( Monitor split is to stage right but will reach stage left ) The snake is new and in perfect working condition! There are also left and right sends on this snake
There is a 16 channel send snake at FOH to Stage right (only) this snake has both genders on all 16 Channels at both ends and is used to get signal from FOH to amp racks and my be used for clear coms etc.
There are TWO 16 channel break out snakes , used to patch  from front and back line to main snake box.

Microphones : 

SHURE : sm-58
Beta 58

Audix : adx-50
ADU small diaphram condensers
adu large diaphram condensers

Crown PZM

Direct boxes:

BSS active
Whirlwind active
CBI, Rolls, ART passive

Art stereo isolationtransformers

Light Pilot

The RIO light pilot must be restored after every show with the colors wich are in every instruments. Please refocus as follows:

Lighting console : ETC INSIGHT 3